Cool Links

Voices From The Gaps
Great resource tool for finding out more about North American women
writers of color.!  
A trans-cultural web magazine, aiming to bring together the critical &
creative expressions of people across cultures.
Check out this online forum devoted to grrls!

Tribes of the Cass Corridor
Celebration of Detroit’s infamous Cass Corridor artistic community.

Radical Mountain
Rumblings from radical Democrats.
“Independent guide to Internet resources.”

The Last Laugh
Liberal humor takes on life under G.W.  Good source for other liberal
& progressive sites.

Sun Writing and Editing
Ghostwriting and copy editing by Suzanne Sunshower.
Tips for women’s health, beauty, travel, fashion, and moms.
Interactive portal.
Rock your ring
International news and activism from the economic  & human
rights fronts.
Best way to link to sites of venerable Detroit bands.
Portal for writers and authors.
Web companion to print mag.  A forum for critical thought, coalition
building, artistic creativity, & activism.  Get involved!

A community for readers and writers.
Something for everyone.
Philosophy Resource base with feminist resources.

Art Studios and Estate Sale.
Digital Audio Production Services.
Not the usual slant on News & Events.
Premium theatre and Broadway tickets for most major cities:
Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago, Dallas…

Club Skirts
Lesbian resort.
New Age, Native American, & self-healing CDs for body, mind,
and spiritual enjoyment.
Bronze & stone sculptures of Tibetan Buddhist mantras;  portion
of proceeds aids Tibetan refugees.
Wiccan, Pagan & New Age Magickal Gifts and Artworks.
portal offering news, entertainment, freebies, freeware, webmaster
Unravelings of a prairie poet’s mind…
Elephant gifts, elephant art, elephant dung paper; other fine items.
Neurotic musician and ex-Detroiter
Cheap Web Hosting!

Politically rad sites recommended by the folks at
Revolution Books Outlet – Detroit…
Quizzes related to women; also I.Q.
Diet, health and fitness.
New site for a new feminist generation
Need I say more?
Pet carriers & crates.

Report on the 2004 “March For Women’s Lives”
“Why I Am Pro-Choice” by Mike Sabacinski
Ballywood and Indian t.v. fan site & more.
Diet and health.

“Anthology of the Best Political Opinion & Commentary
From the Progressive Internet.”
Compare prices for over 1500 magazines & get the best deals!

Alicia Banks – “Eloquent Fury”
Website of radio producer & columnist Alica Banks