Feminist Links

Awakened Woman
The Journal of Women’s Spirituality

Elana Dykewomon
Find out what’s new with this author and activist

Feminist Bookstore Network
U.S. & Canada

Early Women Masters
Source site for writings on Emily Dickinson, Sappho, & more

Equality in Iraq
Help fight the ongoing oppression of Iraqi women

Off Our Backs
Radical Feminist News Journal

Native Web
Resource database on women

Pro-Choice Web Ring

Rain and Thunder
Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism

Lesbian and Feminist Periodicals Collection

Sinister Wisdom
Oldest surviving multicultural literary journal by and for Lesbians

Feminist Majority

New site for a new feminist generation

Gormglaith by Heidi Wyss
Radical feminist separatist novel online

Sonia Pressman Fuentes
The feminist leader’s biography, and feminist resources

Hispanic Business Women’s Alliance

Isis International Manila
Excellent resource site focused on women in Asia and the Pacific

Jennifer’s Feminist Pages
Features info on rape recovery, radical feminism and more

Judith K. Witherow
Features Judith’s writings, bio, and sale info for her books

Lesbian Herstory Project Journals

QME Women’s Resources Links Page

Women’s Human Rights (Amnesty Int’l – USA)

Women’s Review of Books

Women of Color Web Sites
Resource list of sites focused on women of color

Women Writing Web Sites
www.Women Writing The West.org
www.Sisters In Crime.org
www.Broad Universe.org

Women of Color Web

United Nations’ Women Watch