A few words of introduction…

Quiet Mountain Essays (QME) is an online journal of original feminist writing, presented in an essays-only format, which publishes five times a year (January, March, June, August, and October).Each issue features 1-3 previously unpublished essays written by women; on occasion, a book review, or news report (which is about or concerns women), is also presented.  QME is listed in the Library of Congress database for online journals; assigned number ISSN:1557-8879.

In the pages of QME, a woman writer can openly voice what she thinks without having to be mindful of micro-specialized politics or demographics.  Consequently, a QME reader opens each essay not knowing what she or he may find.

Obviously it would be foolish to promise not to offend any feminist who enters the Quiet Mountain Essays site.  It is not expected that all women (or men) will agree with the visions or opinions expressed in each essay and news account.  That said, please know that however you call yourself feminist – radical, post-modern, lesbian, neo, eco, or anarcha, et al – you are equally welcome here.

By the way: Please respect the ownership rights of any and all women who publish in this journal.
Please do not ‘borrow’, or appropriate as one’s own,
any material on the Quiet Mountain Essays site.  If citing from QME work, full credit to authorship should be given, as all essays herein are the sole property of their authors.  All artwork presented on the site is by Suzanne Sunshower.

Participation is encouraged so, please, let your voice be heard! Thank you.

Suzanne Sunshower – QME Administrator