Quiet Mountain Essays (QME) publishes in January, March, June, August, and October; accepting submissions all year.  Each issue features 1-3 previously unpublished original
essays, the number of which is dependent upon the volume of submissions.
 QME is an online publication only, there is no print companion.  Its continued existence depends upon
participation from women visiting this site.  Male readers and writers should please respect the spirit of this woman-space site, unless responding to the Open Call (April 1- June 15) for the annual August Open Issue

There are no monthly themes; however, a theme may be developed from the trend of  recent submissions.  As one can plainly see, this is not a fiction site.  The editor prefers to
read essays and academic papers.  Creative
non-fiction (reportage with an expanded personal edge) is also welcome.

Non-essay writings such as poetry, fiction and reviews (unless solicited) are only accepted during the yearly reading period for the August Open Issue.  As previously mentioned, that reading period is between April 1 and June 15.  (Please read the Summer Guidelines).

General guidelines for each double-spaced, 1-4 page essay submission are simple:

1)  Clarity of prose is appreciated.  Please proof-read your work.

2)  Gratuitous profanity is not appreciated.

Subject matter is open, as long as each essay is about, or pertains to, women and society, or women’s lives, health, politics, economics, etc.  Essays may be academic, witty, serious, or a combination – even personal – however, poetry and artwork (alone) are not essays.
Please, no multiple submissions.  Simultaneous submissions are fine, if mentioned.
Response time at
QME is about 4 weeks.  Please note: Do not send your bio or a list of publication credits with your submission, you’re not pitching an article

Sadly, QME will no longer be accepting every manuscript that is received.  While inexperienced writers are still genuinely welcome to contribute, the editor wishes to stress
that each writer should make sure her essay is well thought out and carefully written.
Remember, your work should make sense not only to you, but to others.

In the past, manuscripts which required significant copy editing before publishing were either ill-conceived and/or poorly written, with glaring problems which the contributor
should have corrected in a critical re-reading of the material prior to submission.  In future, manuscripts such as these will be returned with no comment.

If you are a new writer who would like to maximize the likelihood of your essay being accepted at QME, you should pay meticulous attention to the structure and flow of the story you are telling.  You experienced what you are writing about, your essay makes sense to you because you know where it is going…but will anyone else?  Will your readers feel as though they are in the moment with you, or will they be lost?

Additionally, sometimes it helps to let others read your writing and offer feedback, before you send work out for publication.

Your essay should be sent within the text of an email (not attachment); email heading should read “Submission”.  Don’t worry about lost formatting.  If your work is accepted, an
attachment will be requested, if needed.  Please remember to include your
full name (as you wish it to appear in print) and email address within the body of the email.

Due to past misunderstanding :  Upon receipt of your work, you will be automatically emailed (or sent) a form wherein you will be asked to attest to the facts that you are a woman writer and that the material you are contributing is your own original work.