Call for Contributors

The AUG/SEPT 2007 issue of Quiet Mountain: New Feminist Essays will be an open issue.  The August/September issue only will be open to both men and  women writers of feminist essays, and open to other forms of feminist  expression (other than essay) as well.  Several essays will be featured; poetry,  and book/film/art reviews will be, too.  (Unfortunately, due to a broken  scanner, no artwork will be published in this open issue.)

DEADLINE : July 1, 2007
Send your work in the body of an email (not as an attachment).  Please follow  the submissions guidelines below on this page or refer to those on the Submissions page.

Special Issue GUIDELINES…

* PLEASE NOTE: No multiple or simultaneous submissions are appropriate for the Summer Open Issue; and all work must be signed with your name as you wish it to appear in print.

ESSAYS     1-4, double-spaced pages.  As usual, any subject that pertains to women’s lives, health, politics, or economics, etc., is good to explore.  Essays may be academic, witty, serious, or a combination – even personal.  Clarity of
prose is appreciated, so please proof-read your work.  Gratuitous profanity is not appreciated.

Book/Film/Art REVIEWS     1 double-spaced page.  Now is the time to share that opinion you had of the last book or film you took in.  Or, how about letting the rest of us know about the talents of a new woman artist! Please make
sure that the book, film, or artwork you are reviewing either pertains to women or is by one.

POETRY     Please limit poetry to (1) submission – send your favorite!
Poem length:
One page (if single-spaced); again, gratuitous profanity is to be avoided.  Make sure that any special formatting is indicated in your email submission, as it will often get lost during transmission.
* Poetry segment will be limited to five featured poems.

INTERVIEWS     1-2 pages, simple question/answer format.  One interview will be featured.  Women are doing their thing everywhere – introduce us to someone new or share a woman’s voice we (should) all know!